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We are looking for volunteers to work with us!

Types of Volunteering


There are two types of KIFA volunteers: "KIFA Staff" and "One-time Volunteers”.


Planning and operation of events, Japanese language classes, proofreading and checking of PR magazine manuscripts, etc.

You will be asked to cooperate in the activities of your choice.

●International/Domestic Exchanges 
Exchange programs with sister cities in Japan and abroad
●International Understanding 
Planning and operation of international understanding lectures such as foreign language courses

●Public Relations 
Proofreading and checking of our newsletters

●Multicultural Activities
Japanese language classes, Yasashii Nihongo salon, multicultural exchange events

お手伝いボランティア_EN .png

Please help us with translation, interpretation, host families, events, etc. Volunteers will be recruited as and when they are needed.

●Translation Volunteers
●Interpreter Volunteers

●Host Families
●Event volunteers

Regarding activity information and volunteer recruitment, we will notify all registered volunteers by mass email as necessary.

Application Eligibility


Those who can operate in Kusatsu City.

-Those who can communicate smoothly with the KIFA office by e-mail and telephone.

-If you wish to become a KIFA staff member, you also need to register for KIFA membership.

About Volunteer Activities


We will register your information on our volunteer list.

When we need volunteers to help out at events, we will contact those on the volunteer list by e-mail. Please reply to the office only when you are able to participate.

In principle, we do not pay volunteers any rewards or travel expenses for their activities.

We will not be responsible for any accidents that may occur during volunteer activities. However, depending on the activity, we will pay the insurance premiums and purchase volunteer event insurance.

How to Apply


Please fill out the registration form and submit it to the office by mail, fax, or e-mail.


Handling of Personal Data


Personal information will not be used for any purpose other than KIFA activities.

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