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Multicultural Activities

We regularly hold multicultural exchange events, Japanese language classes and Japanese language salons.

Multicultural Exchange Events

We plan bus tours and other events where local Japanese and foreigners can enjoy interacting with each other.

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Japanese Language Classes, Nihongo Hiroba "Kizuna

Volunteer teachers teach Japanese to local foreign students, their families, technical intern trainees, and other foreigners with the aim of enabling them to use Japanese in their daily lives.


Exchange Gathering in Plain Japanese

We offer " Yasashii Nihongo Salon" regularly. Yasashii Nihongo (plain Japanese) is Japanese language that is simplified so that foreigners can understand it. At the salon, local foreign and Japanese residents enjoy chatting in Yasashii Nihongo (plain Japanese), mini lectures that you can learn useful things for daily life in Japan, and events related with Japanese and foreign cultures.


Our Approach to Disaster Prevention

Once a year, KIFA's Japanese language class, "Nihongo Hiroba KIZUNA" holds a disaster prevention class. Students learn what to do and where to evacuate to when natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons occur.

KIFA was also involved in the establishment of Kusatsu City's foreigner fire brigade*, the first such brigade in Japan, which was formed in 2015.


*Foreigner Fire Brigade: A fire brigade composed of foreigners who are responsible for translating and interpreting to assist in evacuation guidance and at evacuation sites in the event of an emergency. They participate in daily training and drills and engage in disaster awareness activities.

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