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[Recruiting participants] Landscape painter Brian Williams

[Recruiting participants] Landscape painter Brian Williams

Lecture by landscape artist Brian Williams

"My life is international exchange"

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As a commemorative lecture for the 2023 Kusatsu City International Exchange Association KIFA general meeting, we will welcome Brian, a landscape painter who will celebrate his 50th anniversary in Japan in 2023, to talk about his life path to date from the perspective of international exchange. Masu. Anyone can join.

Landscape artist Brian Williams

Brian, a landscape painter who expresses "light, air, and silence," is an American born in Peru. Fascinated by Lake Biwa, he now lives in a renovated farmhouse in Ikodate, Otsu City. He passionately follows the changes of the four seasons, worries about the destruction of nature, and appeals for the protection and restoration of nature.He travels around Japan and abroad to sketch, and has published numerous watercolors, oil paintings, and prints. Brian's curved paintings are so realistic that you feel as if you are looking at a real landscape. In 2022, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of coming to Japan, and as a token of gratitude to Shiga Prefecture and Lake Biwa, we donated a large curved painting, ``Lake Biwa Four Seasons'', to Shiga Prefecture together with over 300 supporters.

【Business name】

Lecture by landscape painter Brian Williams

"My life is international exchange"


Brian will talk about his life path so far, focusing on international exchange.

【Date and time】

Saturday, April 13, 2024


*Before the lecture, the KIFA general meeting will be held at the same venue. If the general meeting is prolonged, the start of the lecture may be delayed.


Kusatsu City Hall 8th floor large conference room

*On the day of the event, please enter through the main entrance or the west side entrance of the government building. The other entrances are closed as it is a closed day.

【How to apply】

Please apply using the link below.


Kusatsu City International Association KIFA Secretariat

Tel 077-561-2322


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