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KIFA✕UDCBK Announcement of Easy Japanese Salon


Easy Japanese salon

Scheduled to be held from April to July 2024

Every Tuesday, we hold a simple Japanese salon at UDCBK. The Easy Japanese Salon is a place where local foreigners and Japanese people can interact using "easy Japanese".

If you wish to participate, you will need to apply to Kusatsu City International Association KIFA for the first time only. From the second time onward, please feel free to participate without applying.

*Easy Japanese is simple Japanese that is easy for everyone to understand and was created in disaster prevention sites. For example, instead of "please evacuate" you can say "run away" to make it easier for foreigners and small children to understand your message.

[Event Name] Easy Japanese Salon

[Holding date] Every Tuesday (closed if Monday is a holiday)

[Venue] UDCBK Urban Design Center Biwako Kusatsu

[How to apply] Phone or email


Kusatsu City International Exchange Association KIFA

3-13-30 Kusatsu, Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture

Phone: 077-561-2322


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